Advanced Field Sling Bag (AFS Bag)

Observer Peru

The AFS Bag was designed to provide you a wearable platform for your gear. It keeps you moving and your gear at your fingertips.

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Key Design Points

  • Comfortable to wear for hours, in hot climates.
  • Quick access to all your gear, without taking the bag off.
  • Adjustable, ambidextrous, and quick-release design.
  • Designed to fit power, communications, and sustainment gear.
  • Extremely durable and rugged.
  • 100% US Materials. 100% US manufactured.

AFS Bag, Grey $395
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Feature Overview


The AFS Bag is a highly technical design. It is packed with features to help you work on-the-move in austere environs. Made in the US from extremely durable, high quality US materials, it'll support you on the harshest missions. The design has been under continual refinement for eight years, driven by operational use across the globe.

Notable Features
  • The wide, breathable-mesh, shoulder strap improves comfort while wearing fully-loaded, all day, in hot climates. Wide mesh strap

  • Three zippered cargo areas provide quick, secured access to all your gear.
    cargo 1cargo 2cargo 3

  • The top slot is designed to accomodate a solar panel or tablet. It can also fit the 11" and 12" Mac laptops (but not the 13") or a hydration bladder.
    top slot 1top slot 2top slot 3

  • The bag is fully ambidextrous and the shoulder strap can be switched from left side to right side via the quick release buckles.
    right sideleft side

  • The US manufactured quick release buckle makes donning or removing the bag in confined spaces fast and easy without having to pull the strap over your head.
    quick release buckle

  • A stowable, quick-attach, stabilizing strap can be used to secure the bag tight to your body when needed, for example when climbing or rapidly going through confined spaces.
    stabilizer stowed     stabilizer pulled     stabilizer attached

  • Internal channels and slots allow for charging cables or antennas to be run from the various compartments through the shoulder strap and up to the chest organizer, allowing phone charging on-the-move.
    cable runs

  • A hidden dump pouch is stowed on the shoulder strap sheath for storing trash or pick-up items, leaving no litter behind.
    dump pouch

  • A pocket slot on the shoulder strap is placed with a ready line-of-sight to the sky, ideal for satellite messengers or GPS units.
    sat pocket

  • For rapid communications, collections, or navigation, while on the move, the chest organizer provides fast, one-handed access to your phone, notepad, pen, or other items. This is ideal when on bikes or motorcycles or even when in a vehicle with your bag on you.
    organizer     organizer 2

  • There are two webbing attachment points on the shoulder strap. The wider one at the top is backed with velcro to allow for secure placement of quick access items.
    shoulder webbing

  • The chest organizer has a clear slot that can hold identification badge and/or business cards for quick and convenient sharing of contact information.
    Badge or cards

  • The strong-hand external pocket is designed to provide quick access to water bottles keeping you hydrated without slowing you down.
    pocket with bottlebottle pocket

  • While the weak-hand pocket is intended to hold a grab-bag such as a medical kit.
    med pocket

  • A carabiner mount point is set at the bottom of the bag to quickly hang extra bags or pick-up items.
    carabiner mount

  • Tabs to attach panel-stays or glove-hooks are mounted midway down the center of the bag, to secure panels while moving about.
    panel stayspanel out

  • Shock cord is run along the outside of the bag to allow you to stuff rain ponchos, jackets, or other clothing.
    stuff cord

  • All cargo interiors are covered in loop (soft side of velcro) to allow secure attachment of organizers or gear-holders.
    covered in loop

  • All external pockets are securable and have attach points to keep your gear from falling out during transit or heavy activity.
    secure points