General Training and Support

The most important part of any of our kits is knowledge. For non-government customers who may not have had formal training in many of the skills needed in an emergency, either overseas or CONUS, we highly recommend attending training with one of our training partners, or a reputable trainer of your choosing. (note: we make no money from training referals, these providers are chosen for their quality. Contact us if you need help finding other training options, but please get training)

General Support Materials

Pre-Deployment Checklist - this is a general guide for what to do before heading out of the country.

Training Partners

Solkoa - Solkoa is a respected, experienced training provider for government SERE (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape) schools. They also offer training to the civilian and commercial market and other custom solutions. Contact them for schedule and course availability.

Dark Angel Medical - Dark Angel Medical is a well respected and highly skilled training provider for emergency trauma care. They offer a regular schedule of classes across the US. Their course is concise and hands-on, covering the critical points of life saving care in emergency situations.


Manuals, instructions, and training references on specific kits are below:

Survival.Signal.Rescue Kits

SSR Field Kit SSR in pocket

Observer Kits

Observer Kit