About us..

Third Block Gear is the systems solutions division of Third Block Group. After years of developing, curating, customizing, and hacking gear for our own work, we've decided to offer our solutions to others who work or travel overseas. While our gear is optimized for professional needs abroad, some of our kits are equally useful to hikers, outdoorsmen, and adventure travelers closer to home as well.
Somalia - meeting Philippines - assessment

We manufacture some items in our kits, while others are curated from best-of-breed vendors. Everything we manufacture is made in the USA, using American-made materials and parts as much as possible. Our emphasis is on quality and mission and we do not compromise anywhere for cost. Our own lives and mission depend on our gear as much as our customers, and we offer nothing that has not been tested and used in the field.
Iraq - documenting

We believe in focussing our efforts on the needs of the user in the field. Making you more effective in your work as an international aid worker, journalist, contractor, or business traveller helps make the world a better place. Helping you is our mission. To that end, if there are any questions, pointers, or expertise we can offer you, in addition to our gear, don't hesitate to contact us.
Philippines - typhoon relief